The two sisters behind Lulu in a Box

Mirella and Lina Di Blasio are the two sisters behind Lulu in a Box.

Mirella, the eldest, is the entrepreneurial artist: when she was a child, she organized plays for her family, created costumes and sets, not to mention selling candies to local children to earn some pocket change. Lina, the younger of the two, was her organized side-kick.

Growing up in an Italian-Canadian family, the sisters enjoyed endless family parties and celebrations that subsequently sparked Mirella’s love of entertaining at home. 

Always the keen observer of details, staging and presentation have always been important to Mirella.  In 2003, she founded Lulu Events.  Her attention to detail is now legendary in the event-planning industry and, after 15 years of successful event-planning, Mirella found a way to share her unique event-planning expertise with the every day home host.

“Lulu in a Box is a natural extension of my event-planning company,” said Mirella.  “I often commissioned a local printer to design and produce placemats, name cards, coasters, and other table decor to dress the tables for the events I was hired to plan.  I soon realized that I could fill a need in the table decor industry by putting together entire collections.”

Reminiscing with her sister about the elaborate and festive family gatherings of their youth, Mirella wanted to create a product that people could use to decorate their table and give guests the same joy and delight the sisters experienced when they saw their aunts’ beautifully curated dinner tables.

“I wanted to show people how to make their guests feel special” said Mirella, “By taking that extra but simple step, hosts could turn their gathering into a beautiful dinner party.”

The solution needed to be quick and easy. “And then, the idea hit me” said Mirella, “My sister and I both loved playing with paper dolls as children. As soon as our paper doll collections arrived in the mail, we’d spend hours tearing along the dotted lines and assembling pretty outfits.” It was the combination of these different experiences that gave birth to the first collection of Lulu in a Box!

The ease of pulling a pretty collection of table decor out of a box and setting a lovely table appealed to Lina, who subsequently jumped on board to become an active partner in Mirella’s business.

“The collections provide you with original and cheerful table decor right at your fingertips.  You can decorate your table in minutes and instantly make your guests feel special and welcomed.  Simply add flowers to complete the look” said Lina.

When inviting guests over, take the time to take the time.  Details such as personalized name cards and wine glass markers and original table decor will make your guests feel cared for and cherished.

You won’t believe how special your guests will feel.

The two sisters behind the collection