About the dream team

Who are we?

We are three associates, passionate about the Art of Hosting. First is Mirella, the instigator of the project and the creative director.
Then there is Pierre, her life partner, director of operations, who is also a foodie.
And let's not forget Isabelle, the seasoned administrator, passionate about traveling and music!
We all live in the Mile-End of Montreal, HQ of hipsters and cradle of eclectic artists!

Who are our collaborators?
First of all, there is Nicolette our corporate communications officer. Follow by Merryl, the woman behind the lens; an epicurean full of talent.
Pascale, Lola and Julie, the three graphic designers with a sharp pencil stroke buzzing with creativity.

Philip, the 3 D rendering master. His hobby : composing music.
Stephane, the quill, who transforms our ideas into words, and with humour, at that!
Thibault, the youngest Millennial, the architect of the website. A keen webmaster.

And finally, Simba the white dog, our mascot, who provides us with the incentive for getting out for some fresh air and, all the while, get inspiration from our amazing hood.

Our head office is located in Montreal's Mile-Ex, a hub thriving with ideas! Incidentally, Vogue even wrote about it!